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What happens if you’re caught with marijuana?

If you’ve been caught with drugs, chances are you’ll be dealing with the law very closely for some time. Fortunately, a good lawyer can help.

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. In some cases, the mistake may not even be your fault. If you’ve been caught with marijuana in your possession, there may be a perfectly valid explanation. Perhaps a friend left it at your house and you weren’t even aware it was there. Maybe your roommate was smoking without your knowledge. Perhaps it actually is your marijuana, but there was only a small amount. No matter what the circumstances surrounding your arrest might be, it’s vital that you contact a criminal defense attorney if you are caught with drugs. Your lawyer understands the law and the legal process for dealing with this. More importantly, your attorney can help you deal not only with the police, but with the next steps you need to take in order to move forward with your life.

First off, make sure you give your attorney as much information as possible about the arrest and the situation itself. If you had drugs in your possession and you planned to sell them, it’s important to talk with your attorney about this. Your lawyer understands that nobody is perfect and isn’t here to judge you; however, it’s vital that you provide your lawyer with as much information as possible. If you go to court, your lawyer will need to argue on your behalf. The more information you give your attorney, the better your case will be.

You should also avoid talking with the police when your lawyer isn’t around. Your lawyer’s goal is to help you stay out of jail. The police have the opposite goal. This means that they’ll do whatever they can to get you to confess. In some cases, they may inadvertently get you to confess to more than you were actually arrested for. For example, perhaps you were arrested for having marijuana in your possession. If the police officers get you talking and are able to get you to admit that you share drugs with your friends, they may decide to charge you with intent to distribute or drug trafficking, as well. Never speak with the police until your lawyer is with you.

Finally, follow your attorney’s advice. When you meet with your lawyer, understand that they want you to have the best experience moving forward. Your attorney will work tirelessly to ensure that you have the best outcome from your case; however, you must do what your attorney advises in order to move forward after the arrest.

No matter what type of drug charges you’re facing, your first move should be to contact your lawyer and ask for their assistance. Your attorney can help you in more ways than you can possibly imagine, so call today.