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Experienced Defense for Drunk Driving and Motor Vehicle Crimes

A conviction for a motor vehicle offense can saddle you with hefty fines, higher insurance rates, loss of driving privileges and even jail time. At the law firm of Librett Friedland, LLP, we understand that even minor charges can have long lasting consequences. We have been defending clients in drunk driving and other motor vehicle crime cases for the last 45 years. Our skill and experience help our clients get past these charges and back on the road.

Contact us online or call 866-427-5413 to discuss your case with an experienced defense lawyer. We represent clients from Manhattan to Montauk from our three convenient offices in Garden City, East Hampton and New York City.

Traffic Violation Defense

At Librett Friedland, LLP, we provide clients with skilled defense representation for a wide range of traffic violations. Whether you are fighting a traffic ticket or are under investigation for a serious offense like vehicular homicide, our attorneys will work to find creative and effective defense strategies to meet your legal needs.

If your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked as the result of a motor vehicle crime conviction, you may need the assistance of a skilled defense attorney to help get it back. Our defense attorneys will work with the appropriate government agencies to get your driving privileges back and help to get you back on the road.

Drunk Driving Defense

A drunk driving conviction can be a significant setback that costs you time, money and puts you at risk of serious criminal penalties. It is very important to remember, however, that DWI charges can be challenged — even if you have failed the breath test or field sobriety test. Our attorneys have won numerous DWI cases by challenging police stops, breath test equipment, probable cause and other elements of police procedure. A drunk driving arrest does not mean you face a certain conviction.

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If you are facing charges of speeding, reckless driving or drunk driving, we can help you mount an effective defense. If you are facing the revocation of your license, we can help you keep it, or get it back. Contact us online or call 866-427-5413 to speak with a knowledgeable defense lawyer. We accept all major credit cards.