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Family Law

How to set up a successful parenting plan

Parenting can be challenging, especially when you navigate the complexities of co-parenting after a separation or divorce. Establishing a successful parenting plan is important for ensuring stability and well-being for your children. Communication is key Communication...

What is a mediator’s job in divorce?

When going through divorce mediation, you will spend a lot of time leaning on the mediator. To that end, it is important to understand exactly what a mediator does, what they cannot do, and what their overarching role in your divorce is. Providing useful opinions...

What to address in a New York parenting plan

When the romantic relationship between you and your child’s other parent ends, but you both wish to share parenting duties, you may be able to come up with custody terms that work for you both without going to trial. If you do so, New York requires that you create and...